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LevelUp when we Travel & Learn 2019

We share plenty of similarities with our neighbours in the north, from our passion for food to our love of game development. So, in order to foster and strengthen relations with our Malaysian counterparts. Singapore Games Association (SGGA) organised and led a delegation of 25 on a 6D5N Travel & Learn Program to learn more about the Malaysian game development scene – the mission was also in collaboration with Ngee Ann Polytechnic Continuing Education & Training (CET)

The event also coincided with KL’s signature B2B conference Level Up KL 2019 led by Malaysia’s federal agency - the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). The trip was aimed at educating the Singaporean delegation on the Malaysian games and immersive media
ecosystem, and also to facilitate networking with fellow industry professionals in Malaysia.The pre-trip briefing was helmed by Alwyn Lee of Daylight Studios sharing with the delegations the ins-and-outs of exhibiting at game conferences overseas as well as briefing them on the logistics of the upcoming trip.

The first day of the trip was dedicated to understanding the Malaysian development eco-system and networking with our Malaysian counterparts. The delegation toured Komune (a co-working space and home of Level Up Inc) and got to know many of its tenants who were also in the business of interactive entertainment. 

The session was organised by Singapore High Commission in KL & Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation with the reception hosted by Deputy High Commissioner Loy Hui Chien at the Singapore High Commission and High Commissioner Vanu Gopala Menon was also in attendance – both of whom were actually huge gamers during their formative years.

Next the delegation visited Malaysian HQ of Razer, where they learnt more about their efforts to bridge the gap between high-performance gaming peripherals and the world of Fintech. Magnus Games was next on the itinerary. Magnus games was the studio behind one of the most funded Kickstarter video game in Southeast Asia Re:Legend with over S$630K raised. The day ended with a networking dinner with the Malaysian chapter of International Game Developers Association (IGDA). The dinner was hosted by Shawn Beck, IGDA Malaysia Chapter Coordinator and proudly sponsored by Koelnmesse the company behind Gamescom Asia.

The next two days were dedicated to Level Up KL 2019 where the delegation mingled and networked with developers and publishers from all around the region. But Level Up was much more than just exchanging business cards and pleasantries, there were also workshops and talks aimed at helping attendees hone their craft. The delegation also had an informal reception with High Commission, Enterprise Singapore (KL Office) and other Singaporean companies in the region. After a warm reception, the delegation stepped into The Rift - Southeast Asia's largest VR/AR Theme Park.

The final business day of Level Up 2019 ended with lessons learnt and opportunities discovered, with the evening dedicated to the Southeast Asia Game Awards. The next few days were dedicated to the public, the event halls lit up and became the game convention that we’re all familiar with – the glitz, the decibels and most importantly, the games. Some members from the delegation even showed off their works to gamers who came from all across the region.

After 6 days of learning and networking, our Singaporean delegation concluded their mission with brand new friends, fresh perspectives and a renewed passion for the industry.
We would like to thank Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Singapore High Commission in KL, Level Up Inc, Razer Malaysia, Magnus Games and IGDA Malaysia for hosting us.


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