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Showing posts from June, 2019 Live Screening is an ambitious global game conference project led by internationally renowned gamedev folks Rami Ismail, Sarah Elmaleh, Myriame Lachapelle, Gabriel Del Santo, Gwen Frey, Houssem Ben Amor. From the website: "Featuring 30+ speakers from all over the planet, all talks will be close-captioned and translated into Arabic, Simplified Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Broadcast live on from June 21st – June 23rd, join us for the first-ever global games conference. Learn from top developers around the planet in talks and interactive Q&A’s, meet other developers speaking your language, and gain a global perspective on the art & business of game creation." Working with Ysbryd Games , a games publisher based in Singapore and also a sponsor for the program, we approached PIXEL Building and they very graciously booked the venue for us from 7PM 21st Jun - 9PM 22nd Jun within a day. L

MYSG Women in Games

Sometime back in February, Gwen & Cheryll attended the very first local Women in Games meetup organised by the Facebook group, MYSG Women in Games ! A bit of history: Mayling giving a talk at Level Up KL 2017 (Photo: Yan Marchal)  It all started when Mayling , formerly from EA Motive at that time, was coming down to give a game design talk at  LevelUPKL  2017! As a Malaysian-born game developer, she was curious about what's going on for women in the local games industry, hence starting the Facebook group originally meant for women in games Malaysia to join and organise face-to-face meetups. Her drive to create a safe space for women to discuss industry issues was new and refreshing for many local industry folks, inspired by other women in games initiatives in Montreal, where she was based at during that time. Meanwhile sometime in 2017, Gwen and Natalie Mello , a fellow gamedev from Singapore decided to take a train up to KL and attend IGDA Malaysia's gamedev com

Spotlight Interview: Elijah James from RapBot Studios

Note: This is a cross-post from Red Hare Studios ( original link ) Daily life can be chaotic. We may have a stressful job, a thankless boss, or a busy schedule in a noisy city. So why not appreciate the little things in this adorable casual game called Tsuki Adventure? Developed by RapBot Studios, this game about escapism to a simpler lifestyle ironically took a lot of effort to make. Elijah James and his team have worked hard to bring their company and this game to the spotlight. This interview will encompass some of their experiences in putting their game on the global stage. Check out their website – Q: Give the readers a short introduction about yourself and RapBot Studios. What is your role? What is your company about? What is your “origin” story? Hi! My name is Elijah James, and I am a programmer and the co-founder of RapBot Studios. We formed our company towards the end of our National Service, because we felt we were capable