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Industry Day 2020

The Singapore Games Association (“SGGA”) held the Industry Day - the association’s biggest event to date - from 7th to 8th of August 2020. The Industry Day aims to bridge the gap between the education and development sectors of the games development industry and to become a nurturing ground for Singapore-based talents to springboard their careers in the industry. 

Industry Day continues the efforts of the former Singapore Games Guild, which started the annual event in 2018. This year’s edition, organised by SGGA, expanded its scope to include esports. The team and its supporting partners digitized the event for the first time through Zoom and Discord platforms. 

The first segment started off on a Friday night at 7:00pm (SGT) with an Opening Speech by Gwen Guo, our Chairperson. She introduced the vision for SGGA to include all facets of gaming – everything from games dev(elopement) to esports – and the mission of uplifting said facets to an internationally-recognized standard through networking, international communications and collaborations.

Following which, our first Keynote speaker was Teddy Dief, the Director & Co-writer at 🌴 (palm tree emoji project), and co-designer of the award-winning RPG, Hyper Light Drifter. Attendees had the chance to learn from his experiences as he shared his journey and thought processes in becoming a games designer in an exclusive pre-recorded video.

The talks that followed featured a diverse range of speakers from around the world, which included active and former members of AAA studios, indie developers, directors, (video) presenters, and many others across various sections of the industry – all of whom generously shared their experiences and learning points with the attendees.

An important aspect of the Industry Day is the portfolio showcase, where students were able to present their works to the industry, providing them with the opportunity to experience the pitching process and receive first-hand feedback about their work from the attendees and industry members. 

After each day’s talks and events, the attendees proceeded to the SGGA official Discord channel, where speakers and attendees mingled and interacted for the Networking portion of the event. 

The event peaked at 160 attendees, with at least 50 attendees per session. 

Overall, it was a huge learning experience as we pulled together not only the largest event of SGGA, but also successfully converted it online. We hope that the event has helped in bringing together individuals from around the world in a passionate exploration of the games industry’s prospects, and the craft that goes on behind it. In the time of COVID-19, it  is a reminder of just how small this world can be in this digital age, and that despite the quarantine periods, none of us is truly alone in this industry.

Here’s looking to the next time, and may it be held under better times.

Full List of Topics and Presenters:


Topic (and brief description)

Speaker (Name)


Video Link


AAA - From SEA to Overseas

“A look into the life in large, multi-national companies”

Zhou Xuanming (Mod)

Lead Game Designer @ Paradox Interactive


Der Hui Tai

Software Engineer @ Respawn Entertainment

Seow Zong Hui

Game Designer @ Arc System Works

May Ling Tan

Senior Game Designer @ Google Stadia


The Importance of Narrative

“A tale in the dev. of a game’s story.”

Nicholas Chan (Mod)

Freelance Writer


Clara Fernandez-Vara

Associate Arts Professor @ New York University

Fahmi Hasni

Indie Developer

Cassandra Khaw

Senior Scriptwriter @ Ubisoft Montreal


Surviving Outside of AAA In Singapore

“A look into Indie dev. in Singapore”

Shawn Toh (Mod)

CEO @ Co-Founder @ Battlebrew Productions


Zhang Zi Tian

COO & Co-Founfter @ Lionfish Studios

Edmund Ching

Indie Developer @ Unexpec3d Developments

Kim Naylor

Co-Founder @ LandShark Games


Being an Artist in Gamedev

“How to build your career as an artist in games”

Stephen Leong

Producer @ VOLTA – A Keywords Studio



Tips & Tricks for New Game Ideation

“How to get your game design ideas across effectively”

Keane Tan

Senior Game Designer @ Riot Games HKSG



The Role FB Plays in SEA Esports

“A casual conversation around what it takes to build a platform”

Vivek Sharma

Vice President, Gaming @ Facebook



How to Get A Job in Esports

“4 varied ways to get a job into the world of esports”

Lysander Lim (Mod)

Esports Commentator / Host


Dan Pantumsinchai

Head of Strategic Partnerships @ Riot Games Southeast Asia

Felicia Lim

Esports Marketing Director @ ONE Esports

Beatrice Wee

Assistant Manager, Global Partnerships @ Secretlab


How Do Teams Recruit

“A look into the other side of the recruiting table”

Jayf Soh (Mod)

CEO & Founder @ Resurgence


Yassine Jaada

Chief Gaming Officer @ PSG Esports

Xiao Yi Zhang (Sean)

CEO @ Talon Esports

Dr. Alan Bunney

CEO @ Panda Global

Opening, keynote, and other related speeches:



Speaker (Name)


Video Link


Opening (Day-1)

Gwen Gwo

Chairperson @ SGGA

Co-Founder @ Imba Interactive




Teddy Dief

Writer, Director @ 🌴



Opening (Day-2)

Jayf Soh

Secretary @ SGGA

CEO & Founder @ Resurgence



(Shoutout) Plantopia

Alwyn Lee

Daryl Chow 

Ryuu Ho

Chief Potato @ Daylight Studios

Board Game Designer @ Origame

Designer @ Daylight Studios



(Shoutout) GTR

Rick Nahm

Co-Found & COO @ GTR



Closing Speech

Elicia Lee

Vice-Chairperson @ SGGA

Co-founder and Managing Director @ Eliphant


Links to Portfolio Showcase Projects:


Project Name

Team Name



Video Link



Where's The Yaw Studios

Nanyang Polytechnic

Royston, Sam, Chris, Isaac, Coen, Wei Hao





Republic Polytechnic

Seetoh, Jeremy 




Team Arctic


Andrew, Hui Jian, Chun Yong, Victor, Brosnan, Cheng Weng, Jonathan, Adrian, Cassandra, Hakim, Irsyad






Zachary, Audry, Dexter, Yao Ming, Vanessa, Benjamin, Bryan, Hanna, Shaw, Darren




Aruki Games

Ngee Ann Polytechnic





Aruki Games

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Wei Qiang


Link to Full Playlist: Link


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