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SGG Website Launch @ Singapore Indies 2018 Year-End Event

Year-end parties are plentiful, but nothing beats fun loving game devs coming together for a whacky and mysterious "Singapore Games Industry Award 2018", hosted by James Barnard & Gennadii Potapov from the Singapore Indie (Game Developers) group).
SGG was given some air time at the end of the event to shout out about our website and the #SGGamedevs and #SGGames directory which went live. It was a really pleasant surprise that happened to be there and featured both the event and our mission as a registered games association!
The listing on our database is purely community driven and may not have every game/company listed. If you like to list a company or feature a game on our website, just follow the instructions in the following forms, fill them up and we will get it up in no time after some quick checks! (or you can also email us at if you spot any errors too!)
#SGGamedevs update form #SGGames update form

These folks are serious! They even ma…