Skip to main content Live Screening is an ambitious global game conference project led by internationally renowned gamedev folks Rami Ismail, Sarah Elmaleh, Myriame Lachapelle, Gabriel Del Santo, Gwen Frey, Houssem Ben Amor. From the website:

"Featuring 30+ speakers from all over the planet, all talks will be close-captioned and translated into Arabic, Simplified Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Broadcast live on from June 21st – June 23rd, join us for the first-ever global games conference. Learn from top developers around the planet in talks and interactive Q&A’s, meet other developers speaking your language, and gain a global perspective on the art & business of game creation."

Working with Ysbryd Games, a games publisher based in Singapore and also a sponsor for the program, we approached PIXEL Building and they very graciously booked the venue for us from 7PM 21st Jun - 9PM 22nd Jun within a day. Listed on the website as an official screening venue, we've also noticed that IGDA Malaysia had their very own live screening venue!

PIXEL Building venue on the official website. 

This is where the magic happened. While the official site had speakers and timings above their profiles (automatically adjusted to GMT+8), there wasn't a comprehensive table view of the schedule. Without hesitation, Shawn Beck from IGDA Malaysia opened a shared Google Sheets with him and myself transferring the speaker schedules to this Google Sheets. What resulted was a neat schedule which could be printed out and shared among our viewers:

Schedule printed outside the screening venue

Subsequently, Gwen Foster from IGDA Philippines built upon our list and created a Facebook event with it formatted using the Facebook event schedule, useful for folks watching the screening remotely in GMT +8.

The global initiative of has enabled a small collaboration between SGG, IGDA Malaysia & IGDA Philippines. Although it was small act, it shows how easy it is for the associations across South East Asia to work together for a shared good cause. From a macro perspective, this is an incredible observation. The effort that goes behind events & its logistics cannot be understated.

Pizza is here! 6:45PM (Photo: Hector Caballero Sombra)

Chilling while waiting for talks
9PM crowd

Despite small technical hiccups, attendees found the talks useful, plus it was a really great time for them to hang out even if there was downtime. There were a huge variety of talks opening with producer/project management tips & issues faced for women in games design, down to GRIS' post-mortem and publishing indie games in China 101. Plenty of talks were also in Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic and other languages, complete with live subtitling by interpreters. It was a gargantuan task for all involved.

Troopers at 2AM in the morning

Overall, is an amazing effort of the gamedev community empowering devs who can't afford to go to big game conference due to financial situation, geographical location, politics and language. Knowledge should be free and accessible to all, so huge props to the organisers of this global conference. We sincerely hope that it continues to run every year.

Many thanks to those who popped by - those who helped with the setting up - Pavel, Hakim, Bings, Alex Wong, Minoru & those who helped with the tearing down - Brian Kwek, Minoru, Cheng Xuan (who also stayed throughout!) and Adam Dart. SGG is proud to have been part of this!

Thank you and congrats to the team for pulling it off! 


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