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Singapore Games Achievements in 2017

Welcome to the new SGG Singapore page! First and foremost, from the SGG team, we thank you all for the support so far! For 2017, alongside the new committee, we've done a little detour from the usual small events of our own and focused on forming a closer partnership with IMDA and local major game events. This post will be a quick rundown of what we've done as IGDA SG, major game launches/achievements and how you as a community helped the games industry!

Singapore Indies (Game Developers) (created/hosted by James Barnard) launched as an organic platform for indie developers to get together, have a beer at LePark (now sadly closed :( )!

Springloaded wins first place at GMGC Manila.

IGDA SG held a Games Industry 101 event for students/graduates. 


Red Hare Studios officially published its first industry blog post! They do developer spotlight interviews & insightful game dev-related articles.

The Gentlebros started doing fun, informative vlogs!

Chris Natsuume from Boomzap launched his podcast "People Make Things", many of which are game devs from SEA.

Toriko by Happy Labs launches! 

IGDA SG presented an event on everything about game conventions.  

Wilful Kitty by Unexpect3rd Developments launches!

Tallnum by Qixen P Design launches! 

Stifled by Gattai Games launches! 

Inzen Studio got aqcuired by iCandy Interactive. Read Gerald Tock's AMA here.  

In conjunction with Screenwriters' Association Singapore, Professional Conversion for Game Writers course launched. 


Singapore Commercial Games Association (SCGA) presented their debut event on games monetisation


Dusty: Raging Fist by PD Design teams up with ARTBLOVK to showcase their game art.

Sairento VR by Mixed Realms launches!

Monster Chronicles by Delta Duck Studios launches!

IGDA SG collaborates with IMDA & STGCC to launch GGXP.   

Avertigos by Playware launches its Kickstarter!

The Game Room by Mohan Dietrich launches! It's a series of YouTube interviews of local game developers and more.


Cat Quest by Gentlebros launches! 

Game Start debuts its first game conference SEA Summit. 

IGDA SG collaborates with IMDA and GameStart to showcase made-in-Singapore games.

Chef Wars by Mindcake Games launches!

Unite Singapore showcases some of the local games. 

Springloaded launches its crowdfunding campaign for Obelus!

NEO Impossible Bosses creator Edwin Fan writes an article on Gamasutra.

It was indeed an eventful 2017 for the local games industry!


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